How to use Google Analytics

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How to use Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports traffic for your application.

We can get started by looking at the home screen.

In GA Home, you can see important statistics about your website such as the number of users, sessions count, bounce rate, and session duration.

You can use the time selector to choose date ranges for your data.

Scroll down the dashboard to see more useful statistics about your application.

The dashboard has a lot of important insights about your application. For example, you can see the devices running user sessions.

As before, use the time selector to filter your data over a time range.

You can also see the pages that your users visit.

Press the “Pages Report” button to see more detailed information about your page visits. This might take some time to load.

Here, you can find analytics for each page such as number of page views, average time spent on a page, entrances, bounce rate, etc.